Pragelato (TO) 19/21 june 2020

3 National competitions + 1 Open

5 judges

Alpine Agility Open will be back for the second edition.  This is a multiple agility competition. There are 3 National Agility e 1 Italian OPEN.

Competitions will start at 19 June and will finish at 21 June. 

Friday 19 June 2020: 
• 1 National agility with CAC
• Jumping qualification OPEN 

Saturday 20 June 2020:
• 1 1 National agility with CAC
• Agility qualification OPEN

Sunday 21 june 2020:
• 1  National agility with CAC
• OPEN Final

The subscritption has to be made on , it will open on  01 March 2020 e it will close on  07 June 2019

Cost  25 euro for each day.

Subscritions to you can show videos or you can download little guide pdf. 

1) Register to site  
2) Introduce dogs
3) Create Teams
4) Choose competions, and subscription it



Jocke Tangfelt


jari soumalainen


Vittorio papavero


paolo rebasti





rules of alpine agility open

You can qualify to Sunday’s Agility Final trough the two open runs of Friday (jumping) and Saturday (agility).

The open runs will take place on two different rings: one for Smal and Medium classes (same course), the other for Large dogs.

In each of the qualifying open runs the first 7 Small and Medium teams will advance to the Final, for a total of 14 finalists in Small category, and 14 in Megium category.
For the Large category to qualify will be the first 15 teams of each open run. Consequently in the Final will be starting 30 teams.

If Teams are already qualified to the Final thanks to their results in Friday’s Open Jumping would qualify again on Saturday Agility Open, their spot will go the the next not yet qualified Teams.

Sunday’s Final will be a single agility run. Only the teams which will have done National competition on Sunday will be allowed to run the Open Final.  Any rules which are not listed in this page can be found in Italian Kennel Club Regulation. (Enci) 

Final courses will be different from Small and Medium categories (same course), and Large.