Alpine Agility Open would like to thank the following companies for their support in organizing the event:

Neobreeder’s food products are dedicated for dog and cat breeders. 

The product lines for dogs are six, those for cats two. Both dog and cat lines have been conceived to meet the specific needs of professional breeders.

Sacchi biodegradabili per deiezioni canine

DoggyRade è una bevanda prebiotica isotonica che favorisce una rapida idratazione e supporta la funzione intestinale e digestiva dei cani. Aumenta l’assunzione dei liquidi, aiutando i cani reidratarsi rapidamente dopo l’esercizio fisico. 
  • Contiene prebiotici naturali e amminoacidi per il benessere intestinale, digestivo e l’assorbimento dei nutrienti.
  • Contiene gli elettroliti che favoriscono una rapida idratazione
  • Bevanda rivitalizzante pronta da bere  
  • Ha un delizioso sapore ed è molto appetibile
  • Senza glutine e cereali
  • A basso contenuto calorico e di grassi
  • Senza OGM e coloranti artificiali
  • Ipoallergenico
  • Formulato da veterinario

medicina sportiva veterinaria Doctor Chiara Chiaffredo will be present at her booth during the entire event.

The farm estate Gatto Pierfrancesco is located in Castagnole Piemonte (AT). It was founded early 1900 and is family-run. The farm produces Ruchè, Barbera, Grignolino and Monferrato Red, wines which perfectly represent the Piedmont traditions and wine tastes. Their Ruchè from Castagnole Monferrato and the Barbera d’Asti are definitely outstanding. The farm will contribute to the event rewarding the podiums of the combos of the national competitions.

Saddlery and dog sports equipment. 

The best products chosen for you by ASCA.

The Pawee project was born in 2016 from the idea of creating a funny and dynamic brand for getting off the couch any four paws owners! Inspired from the dog sports we have created resistant toys and practical accessories entirely made in Italy.

Crystal DS is a young and dynamic company founded in 2011 as specialist in 3D engravings in crystal. Thanks to the new workshop equipped with advanced laser toolings and a properly trained staff we are able to process, cut and engrave plexiglass according to your specific needs for realizing any kind of product, from plaques to displays until home decor. Our laboratory is specialized in working clear, coloured, opalescent, translucent and matt plexiglass, and is able to handle also other materials such as wood, glass. Our technicians carry out the cutting of the plexiglass through laser treatment, thus obtaining products with original and complex shapes made with an utmost degree of precision.

Aurora Biofarma Srl is a company acting in the pharmaceutical field; specialized in research, development and marketing of nutraceutical and biological products as well as medical devices.

Nasonero is a company specializing in production of padded items for dogs and cats. The brand was founded in 2008 and has been able to establish and consolidate on the Italian market thanks to the design of its proper products and their quality.

 Agility Equipment

 Intercar Intercar, concessionaria storica alle porte di Torino, offre ai propri clienti un rimessaggio custodito per camper e roulotte sia coperto che scoperto e un ricchissimo negozio di accessori e articoli da campeggio dei migliori marchi ordinabili anche direttamente dal loro sito


 The photographer Giulia Cibrario

The photographer Giulia Giorgini


 Bside Negozio di abbigliamento e accessori nel centro di San Mauro Torinese

 Kennel club canavesano “Il Castello”  for the technical support.

In the supported us: