Agility seminars

Seminars will be hold on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 June 2022, the speakers will be Zeljko Gora (HR) and Martina Magnoli Klimesova (CZ).

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zEljko gora (hr)

The seminars with Zeljko will be hold on Tuesday June 14 and Wednesday June 15 both days in the morning; each working group will consist of maximum 6 teams.

“I first came acquainted with agility in 1992 with my mixed breed dog Astor and since then agility has become an integral part of my life. After rather good results without the possibility of competing at the European championships I decided to get a  dog with a pedigree and it was a Belgian Shepherd Malinois (Mel of Fanelly); with Mel in 1995, then in 2004, in the next following years with my border collie Mawlch Nac, with my Malinois Djurdja Simply Divine, my border collie Mawlch Tip, the Malinois Gunga I competed at European Championships, European Opens and World Championships. All my dogs except my mix breed have been part of the Croatian Team. The year 2010 has been the most successful yet in my agility career. With Djurdja I won 2nd place at the World Championships for Belgian Shepherds FMBB, 3rd place with Tip at the European Open Championship and 7th place at the World Championship. In addition to competing I also hold seminars and judge international agility competitions. I find holding seminars useful not only for others but for myself as well because I get to know new people, learn about new cultures and countries. I graduated in occupational therapy but have never worked in my profession. The closest to my profession was working in the wellness centers as a masseuse but my desire to work and compete with dogs gradually overruled so now I am completely devoted to agility competitions and seminars, as well as judging.”

Zeljko has won the latest edition 2022 of B.A.C.K. with Hash in category Large.


The seminars with Martina will be hold on Tuesday June 14 and Wednesday June 15 both days in the afternoon; each working group will consist of maximum 5 teams.

Hi! I started getting involved in dogsports many years ago as a teenager. My very first dog was a Wolfspitz and both with her and my second one (my malinois Bara) I actively trained and competed not only in agility but also in dog dancing, canicross and skijoring winning national titles too, before dedicating myself only to agility. In 2003 I got selected for my first AWC and since then I represented many times the Czech National Team at the FCI Worldchampionship and European Open with my own dogs, in all size categories. Twice I classified in the Individual top 10 at the AWC and once at the EO, in Large category. In Medium category, with my Mudi Kiki I won 3 Individual tiles e 2 Team titles at the FCI Worldchampionship (and also 3 silver medal in Teams). Making Kiki the dog with most gold medal at the AWC to date. I also won both Individual and Teams titles in Medium category at the EO and got twice second and once third in Individual. Several times I won also the Czech National Championship in Individual and Teams too. But one of the achievements that makes me more proud is the success of my students. Over the last years my students won the Czech national Championship in all size categories, and also qualified to represent the Czech Republic at the AWC and EO in all size categories too.


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