Agility seminaries

Seminaries will be tuesday 16 June 2019 a Wedsday 17 june 2020,  Speakers: Nicola GiraudiSebastien Allerme (F), Martina Magnoli Klimesova

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Nicola Seminaries  will start  16 june 2020 and will finish wedsday 17 june 2020, there are two sessions, one on ther morning and another in afternon.

I started competing in Agility back in 1993.
Since than I took 12 different dogs to the highest classes and 7 of them became Italian Agility Champions, in all size categories.
I won 10 national titles with 4 different dogs and 6 vice-champions.
I have been part of the National FCI/WAO Team for 16 years with 11 different dogs in all size categories.
To date I am the only handler to win the FCI Worldchampionship in 2 different size categories: in 2011 with Twister, Parson Russell Terrier, in Small; and in 2018 with Eira, Border Collie, in Large (already 3rd place in 2017).
With Twister I won twice the EO, got one second, one third and one fifth place.
I own the most overall medals at the WAO (gained with 5 different dogs): 10 golds, 4 silver, 3 bronze, in all categories, Individual and Teams.



Sébastien seminaries  will start  16 june 2019 and will finish 17 june 2019, there are two sessions, one on ther morning and another in afternon.

Hello! I started competing in agility many years ago.
In 2006 I was starting for the first time at the AWC in Switzerland with my Malinois Up and Go.
With her I was selected several times to represent the French National Team at the EO too.
In 2009 in the Netherlands we got a 3rd place in the Team competition.
With her I also got 1st  place at the Luxembourg Open in 2010 and 2nd in 2007.
My next dog was again a Malinois, Diam’s, and we competed at the highest international level many years.
In 2011we made the French Team for both Eo and Awc for the first time.
In 2012 we got a 4th place in the Team competition at the Eo in Sweden.
With her we started in four more European Opens and many Fmbb World Championships and other international events.
At the Fmbb we got 2nd place in 2015 in both Individual and Teams.
We also won the International Gotor Cup in 2014 and got 3rd at the French Cup in 2016.
In 2013, 2014 and 2016 we were French Champions of Belgians Sheepdogs.
Nowadays I compete with my young Border Collie Sia.
In 2018 Sia got in her first international final at the Gold Rush in Germany.
In 2019 she qualified to represent France at both the WAO and EO.
At the WAO we got 1 gold and 2 silver medals in the Individual runs.
At the EO we won the Jumping run for the Team Competition and got 2nd in the Agility.
We also got 3rd in the Individual Agility qualifying run and advanced to the Individual Final.
We also got to the Teams Finals and got the  2nd place with my Team.


Martina  Seminaries  will start 16 june 2019 and will finish wedsday 17 june 2019, there are two sessions, one on ther morning and another in afternon.

Hi! I started getting involved in dogsports many years ago as a teenager.My very first dog was a Wolfspitz and both with her and my second one (my malinois Bara) I actively trained and competed not only in agility but also in dog dancing, canicross and skijoring.Winning national titles too, before dedicating my self only to agility.In 2003 I got selected for my first Awc and since than I represented many times the Czech National Team at the FCI Worldchampionship and European Open with my own dogs, in all size categories. Twice I classified in the Individual top 10 at the AWC and once at the EO, in Large category.In Medium category, with my Mudi Kiki I won 3 Individual tiles e 2 Team titles at the FCI Worldchampionship (and also 3 silver medal in Teams). Making Kiki the dog with most gold medal at the AWC to date.I also won both Individual and Teams titles in Medium category at the Eo, and got twice second and once third in Individual. Several times I won also the Czech National Championship in Individual and Teams too.But one of the achievements that makes me more proud is the success of my students.Over the last years my students won the Czech national Championship in all size categories, and also qualified to represent the Czech Republic at the AWC and EO in all size categories too


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